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Lleyton Hewitt 2011 Memphis First Round Interview
By Ken Miller, Lawn Tennis Analyst, Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 5:20pm PST USA
Lleyton Hewitt 2011 Memphis First Round Interview MEMPHIS--In 2002, Lleyton Hewitt of Australia won his lone Wimbledon singles title. Wednesday at Memphis, Tennessee, at the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships, the 29 year old Hewitt upset the seventh seeded Yen-Hsun Lu of Taiwan 6-4, 7-6(7-3) in first round action to advance to a Thursday second round encounter versus Adrian Mannarino of France. Hewitt could meet the top seeded Andy Roddick of the USA in the quarterfinals this Friday.

ATP Tour: (Reporter), go ahead and start us off.

Question: Letís talk about how nice it is to get though.

Lleyton Hewitt: Yea, itís always nice to get your first one under your belt. YeaÖ new tournamentÖ I felt

Lleyton Hewitt of Australia | Image: Lawn Tennis

Lleyton Hewitt is scheduled as the second match on the Stadium Court Thursday night with the first match beginning at 7:00pm CST USA.

like I came out and played well. Right From the start, I was able to get up an early break which made life a bit easier through that first set. You know I felt like I came out and I was ready to go right from the start, which was a key out there today, because Luís a good ball-striker and hits a lot of winners out there. And itís hard to be really aggressive against him.

Question: How frustrating in the second setÖ you go up a break and he breaks you right back.

Lleyton Hewitt: Yea, right. Itís always frustrating when youíre up a set and a break; and then you get back on level terms towards the end of the second set instead of closing it out. But heís that kind of player that when he catches fire, heís very hard to hold off. Heís able to hit a lot of flat winners out there. Heís a great ball-striker from both sides: the forehand and the backhand. So for me it was a matter of hanging in there and weathering the storm. And you know, I played a pretty good tiebreaker. And he was the more up and down player in the tiebreaker, and I was a lot more solid.

Question: In the tiebreaker, you never felt you werenít in some kind of control?

Lleyton Hewitt: Um, well early on I was down a minibreak 2-1 and then I was able to get that back, which was the key. So I finished off the tiebreaker pretty well, which was nice.

Question: Describe last week; as far as what you did in San JoseÖ just what that meantÖ

Lleyton Hewitt: It was nice to make the quarters. I lost to a quality player; (Juan Martin ) del Potro. But I didnít actually think my ball striking was as good as I would have liked it last week, which was a little bit frustrating. Even in the first two matches that I won, I didnít feel like I was feeling the ball. And maybe that was because I had a few weeks off after I was done in the Aussie Open. Yea, it was a totally different surface as well. It wasnít a high bouncing court whosoever last week. So, you know, I felt a lot better once I got here; on this kind of hard court.

Question: The difference is it just bounces higher?

Lleyton Hewitt: Itís a more true court; this. Last week it was laid temporary court. So it was a lot of dead spots on the court as well. I think you got to feel pretty confident in your ball striking on that kind of court to trust it. You know, if some of those spots, you know, donít come off extremely well; itís hard to be sort of fighting it out there sometimes. Where as, you know, these courts are true hard courts.

Question: No problems with the hand? That was late last year; the hand injuryÖ

Lleyton Hewitt: Yea, the handís fine.

Question: I guess, you had the good run in Memphis a couple of years ago when you were here and had not been here before. Was that making the decision easier to come back here to Memphis?

Lleyton Hewitt: Absolutely, you know itís always nice to come back to places where youíve played well in the past. You know what to expect as well. So, I was surprised how well I played here two years ago, because coming into it, Iíd only really played the Australian Open and then San Jose. I lost two tough first rounds at both those events after Iíd had hip surgery at the end of the year before. So for me, it gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of that year.

Question: Made you wonder why you didnít pick it earlier? Just didnít fit your schedule?

Lleyton Hewitt: Yea, itís always, you knowÖ my scheduleÖ obviously you try to work round the grand slams and masters series, and work backwards from that to, you know, how many matches you want to get and the kind of places you play at. Yea unfortunately, itís better to play at some stage.

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