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Juan Martin del Potro 2011 Memphis Second Round Interview
By Ken Miller, Lawn Tennis Analyst, Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 7:48am PST USA
Juan Martin del Potro 2011 Memphis Second Round Interview MEMPHIS--As he continues his comeback from an April wrist surgery, the 2009 US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina is set to compete in Friday nightís quarterfinals at the Regionís Morgan Keegan Championships at Memphis.

ATP Tour: (Reporter,) would you start us off please?

Question: Juan can you talk about getting though to the next round, and how you felt out there in singles today?

Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina | Image: Getty

Juan Martin del Potro is scheduled as the second match on the Stadium Court Friday night with the first match beginning at 7:00pm CST USA.

Juan Martin del Potro: I feel glad. I played good match today. (Ivan) Dodig come with a lot of confidence. He won a tournament two weeks ago so Iím glad to beat him. Of course I want to take the opportunity to pass through to the semis.

Question: Are you finding with each win, each match; you feel a little more comfortable in your comeback?

Juan Martin del Potro: Well, winning matches helps a lot to improve the game; to keep confident. Iím trying to do the things easier. But everyone here is complicated for me. At this moment, Iím not playing forÖ how do you say, for a week, good tennis. I have good matches. I have bad matches, but Iím trying to improve day by day, match by match and hopefully play good tennis tomorrow.

Question: Juan Martin, you played really well in San Jose, and you played fantastic I thought last night also against Isner. Do you feel like you are getting back to one hundred percent?

Juan Martin del Potro: Yes, I working for that. Iím improving week by week. After Australia I came to Argentina with a little (unheard). But now Iím glad I improved by serve and my forehand too. And if I have confidence to play good shots with my forehand, thatís a good reason to be happy for me.

Question: You been playing a lot of tennis recently after being out for so long. Are you feeling okay physically? Howís the wrist holding up?

Juan Martin del Potro: Yes, Iím feeling well. Of course IÖ every match I finish tired. Because when youíre out, you are out for a long time, itís difficult to come back. Iím working hard with my physical trainer to be healthy for all the season. And if I be healthy for this year, I will be happy. I donít have any goals with the rankings or the tournamentsÖ just playing healthy for the rest of the year.

Question: Can you talk a little about your doubles match today? Do you think youíll play a lot more doubles this year?

Juan Martin del Potro: I donít think so. (smiles) Iím not a specialist. But I really have fun playing doubles. I like to play here in the States. I always play with Mardy Fish. And maybe we play together in Europe, some clay tournaments, but the singles my best decision.

Question: Are you surprised at all by the success you had in San Jose and being in the quarterfinals here?

Juan Martin del Potro: Yes, could be a surprise being in the quarterfinals againÖ beat IsnerÖ last week Hewitt. But I need time to be in good shape again. Of course winning matches helps me to build confidence very easily. But I know that the road to being a good player again is very long.

Question: You had surgery back in May at the Mayo Clinic?

Juan Martin del Potro: Yes.

Question: Did you ever feel like that injury was going to be career-threatening?

Juan Martin del Potro: When youÖ when I was with my wrist problem, I see everything (unheard), you know. And nobody finds the problem with my wrist. I was for four months, trying to find the problem. And nobody knows nothing about it. And I came here for to see a doctor in Rochester. And he say, ok you have two ways to do. One is the surgery, and the other one is to take a long time. But, no, you know, if you donít make the surgery, maybe you cannot fix the problem. So I take that decision. And after surgery, you never know if my wrist will beÖ in same place, same feelings and everything the same. But now Iím ok. I can play so the past is over.

ATP Tour: Last two questions.

Question: This is a quick non-tennis question. I noticed that you and (Radek) Stepanik matched out there (in doubles). How did that come about? Whose idea was it?

Juan Martin del Potro: We talked in Australia to play doubles here. We have good relationship. I never play doubles, so itís good for me, because I need to play matches and matches so. I donít play doubles in Delray Beach to rest for Indian Wells and Miami. So maybe in the next couple of months, Iím playing with Mardy Fish.

ATP Tour: (Reporter,) last question?

Question: No. Thanks.

ATP Tour: Thank you.

Juan Martin del Potro: Bye.

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